Venture Club

The Washington & Lee University Venture Club (VC) was founded October 6, 2010 by five entrepreneurial minded students and their professor. Our initial meetings focused on developing a mission and purpose for the organization, determining what activities we would  engage in, and our leadership structure and responsibilities.

VC’s Mission
The Venture Club promotes and projects the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Washington and Lee University Community by providing students and alumni with educational opportunities including mentoring, consulting, and networking.

VC’s Activities

Marketing and Communications
The Marketing and Communications group in VC focuses its efforts on reaching out to the W&L community to secure speakers and other opportunities for current students interested in entrepreneurship.  If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Shay at

The Venture Finance Group consultants possess specialized knowledge in the field of start-up finance and investments to provide superior consulting for their clients. This group remains in its exploratory phase, seeking projects more closely aligned with Venture Capital. The groups mission is to enable its members to better assess of company viability and startup valuation. Potential opportunities include the operation of a Crowdfunding/Sourcing Portal, analyzing companies for an incubator, or assisting an Angel group in screening potential investments. If you have a potential project for the Venture Finance Group or any questions, please contact Group Director Joey Manzinger ’15 (

The consulting branch of the Venture Club works to pair small groups of 4-5 students with start-up companies or alumni entrepreneurs in a professional business setting. Through this partnership, students will understand and develop skills relevant to creating and producing valuable consulting work in a real-world setting, and business owners will receive a quality service to help their company (or idea) grow and seize new opportunities. Each project spans one academic term, and allows students to collaborate effectively with their client to complete a letter of engagement, timeline, and series of deliverables. This term, the consulting branch is working with LinkMD, SourceFuse, Clean Textile Technology, Pairiscope, and Field Trip 360. Our current projects focus on a variety of different business components, and encompass marketing, research, critical analysis, and business plan writing. Upon completion of the project, each group will give a formal presentation to their client to review their findings and recommendations as a culmination of their work during the term.