Business Plan Competition

Our Business Plan Competition (BPC), launched in 2010, has quickly become a cornerstone Entrepreneurship Program event that recognizes and celebrates innovative student business plans. The BPC helps us bridge the gap between the academic and real worlds by affording students the opportunity to present their plans to distinguished alumni competition judges who possess a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. This rich, real world educational opportunity cannot be matched in the typical classroom and also provides student entrepreneurs with exposure to alumni who may be interested in providing seed capital, professional assistance, and/or networking opportunities. In addition, the event has become a great opportunity to bring together W&L’s past, present, and future entrepreneurs.

Pitch Competition

The Pitch Competition is an annual event that offers students the opportunities to pitch their business ideas to a panel of distinguished alumni judges.  Students interested in participating are required to submit a written pitch proposal that is evaluated by the Venture Club and a select panel of faculty.  If selected, students must attend a Pitch Competition workshop to further develop their pitches. The Pitch Competition takes place during the annual Entrepreneurship Summit.

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