Business Plan

Washington and Lee University’s  annual Business Plan Competition (“BPC”) is proud to host its second annual Business Plan Competition.  Business plan competitions abound at colleges and universities across the globe and provide the opportunity to recognize and celebrate innovative student business ideas.  Our BPC offers similar opportunities and will become a cornerstone event that brings together W&L’s past, present, and future entrepreneurs.

The BPC plays a unique role in W&L’s Entrepreneurship Program by bridging the gap between the academic and real world environments.  Our students bridge that gap by presenting their business ideas to a panel of real world judges.  Our judges bridge that gap by using their real world experience to evaluate student business plans.

 Competition Goals
 The primary goals for the competition are to:

  • Offer students a rich, real world educational opportunity through presenting their business plans to a distinguished panel of external judges.
  • Provide a platform for students to share their business plans with W&L alumni who may be interested in providing startup capital, professional assistance, and/or networking opportunities.
  • Recognize and celebrate the achievements of W&L students who are interested in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunities.

 Competition Structure
Our competition was structured to accommodate W&L’s unique academic schedule while also leveraging available technology to offer greater exposure for the event.  The competition will begin with the first Semi-Final Round on December 12-13, 2014 when students taking Entrepreneurship in the fall term present their business plans to a panel of judges who will assemble on campus. A second Semi-Final Round will be held on April 10-11, 2015 (competition morning of April 11th) and the Final Round (on April 11th in the afternoon).  To learn more about the competition guidelines and other details, click on the following link: W&L Business Plan Competition Guidelines.

Semifinal Rounds
A panel of judges will assemble in Lexington to select two Finalist teams from each of the three sections of BUS399 Entrepreneurship.  The teams and their business plans will be evaluated based on the attractiveness of the investment opportunity to the judges.

Final Round
Three or four teams from the Fall Semifinal Round and 2-3 teams from the Winter Semifinal Round will compete in the Final Round on April 11th in the afternoon. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Distinguished Judges
Each year the competition will attract 8-12 judges for each of the two Semifinal Rounds and for the Final Round.  These judges represent a wide variety of backgrounds, including successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, private equity experts, bankers, lawyers, and angel investors.  These individuals will be responsible for selecting the team that continue on to our Final Round.  Click here to read more about our current panel of distinguished judges.